TEDx Pannonia 2014, Aug 8th

TEDx on the ship / Mörbisch – Neusiedlersee

Theme: “Back to basics – dissolve borders”

On Aug 8th, 2014 , 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain TEDxPannonia is going to dissolve the border, be part of an inspiring event, more information coming soon !

As we are on the way to new experiments and innovations it will be our provisionally last TEDxPannonia.

Aug 8th, 2014.
Come together: 02:30 p.m.

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Speakers at TEDxPannonia 2014

Iulia Mugescu

Iulia Mugescu



Iulia Mugescu is one of the founders of Younited Cultures with the goal to raise the overall image of immigrants and show the value they bring into society.Younited Cultures found an innovative way to help replicating the success storys of immigrants. They collect stories and translate them into scarve designs. Iulia says a lot of the motivation behind wars and conflicts are personal borders that were not dissolved.www.younitedcultures.eu

Find a full interview with Iulia at taskfarm


Ramiro Murguia



Ramiro Murguia

“Openness, exchange and growth: Our children and we need them”

Ramiro Murguia, the founder of Latinomics, an organisation which works on global projects on Social Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship, is convinced, by dissolving borders we are creating mobility.

We need to find an understanding that we live in one single world. After we overcome personal borders, we can also dissolve political, regional and cultural borders.



Find a full interview with Ramiro at taskfarm

Alexander Wind
Iulia Mugescu
Fredrik Debong
Peter Hackmair
Nora Demattio
Philipp Greier
Ramiro Murguia

More infos soon.