Thanks for celebrating TEDx Pannonia 2014

TEDx on the ship / Mörbisch – Neusiedlersee

Theme: “Back to basics – dissolve borders”

On Aug 8th, 2014 , 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain TEDxPannonia was celebrated to dissolve the border.

As we are on the way to new experiments and innovations it was our provisionally last TEDxPannonia.





Speakers at TEDxPannonia 2014

Beáta Farkasné Toth


 “Recovery from Post-Communist Mentality”

Beáta started the VITALITY HEALTH PROMOTING PROGRAM in Hungary as she discovered that the health of the population could be better. Beáta can see a lot of connections between the state of health of the population and the past Communist Era. There are still a lot of pessimism and distrust in peoples minds and also borders that need to be dissolved. Therefore she thinks, health is not only a thing of doing physical exercises but also changing the mindset.

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 Nora Demattio

Nora Demattio


 “Art House Project – Art outside the framework”

Two years ago, when Nora and her husband came back from Guatemala, they realised that they were missing a certain energy around them. So they opened the Art House project in Eisenstadt. A space where not only art is presented, but also represents a certain kind of spirit. Not only since the first opening day she is convinced, everything you can imagine is real.

Art House project

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 Manuel Gruber
Manuel Gruber

 “Be the mentor you wish you had”

Manuel is the founder of DREAMA TV, an online tv channel that features people with inspiring stories from around the world, because he is convinced, a shift is taking place. More and more people are asking themselves how they want to spend their lifetime. Also the value of money is changing. Money is not the issue, what we need are ressources like accomodation and food.

If we dissolve the borders in our minds we can make a fundamental change in the system.

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Philippe Greier

Philippe Greier


 “Shift happens”

With his organisation Playmakers Industries Philippe is turning real life into games. In those gameplays people have the opportunity to play their work and gain a new perspective. By shifting towards a new mindset we can identify new values and new realities.Philippe is  convinced that it is time to dissolve physical borders, such as political borders. Because many problems of the world are not national any more, but global topics today.

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Peter Hackmair

Peter Hackmair

“Passion – discover. develop. live.”

Peter Hackmair travelled the world for 15 months together with his wife. As he also points out in his book about this world trip, the journey altered him and changed his point of view on life significantly. Now he is convinced there are no borders in our life. But people tend to erect borders in their brains. His aim is to inspire people to follow their dreams.

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Alexander Mann

Alexander Mann


 “Dare and do”

Alexander Mann is the founder of thinKing which designs furniture made of cardboard. The cardboard idea came from the fact that he couldn´t afford furniture for his new apartment back in 2012, but he had cardboard and so he started building his own furniture.

This is not the only sector in which Alexander is experienced in getting back to basics. He also disclaims TV and furthermore a 24 year old car is enough for him. But on the other hand he sets priorities like knowing where his food comes from.

Alexander is the local representative of AustrianStartups in Carinthia, Co-Founder of the think tank Change the Box and also of the Startup Weekend Klagenfurt. The initiator of the TEDxKlagenfurt also has been awarded as founder of the year 2014 at the Central European Startup Award.

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Fredrik Debong

Fredrik Debong

 “Basics – a double edged sword”

The Co-founder of mySugr, a company which aims to change the philosophy of diabetes therapy, claims that the basics are really not what he needs – actually he and all other people with type 1 diabetes would have problems surviving, were they born 100 years ago. Yet some basics need to be reintroduced – the human mind needs to recapture the stage.

MySugr shall help making diabetes suck less. Instead of getting negative feedbacks, people shall be led through positive feedback. This can change the lifes of 400 million people in the world.

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Alexander Wind

Alexander Wind

“Human Race must work together”

Alexander Wind was witness of the advent of the fall of the Iron Curtain back in 1989. He was at the forefront of the people who helped the first people who made it to the other side in August 89. Since then many things changed and the world is not as it was before. But the real dissolving of the borders will may take decades on both sides. The human race must work together for this goal and also citizen of the EU should not forget what a gift the open borders are that we have today.

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Iulia Mugescu

Iulia Mugescu


 “Celebrating immigration”

Iulia Mugescu is one of the founders of Younited Cultures with the goal to raise the overall image of immigrants and show the value they bring into society.Younited Cultures found an innovative way to help replicating the success storys of immigrants. They collect stories and translate them into scarve designs. Iulia says a lot of the motivation behind wars and conflicts are personal borders that were not dissolved.

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Ramiro Murguia

Ramiro Murguia

“Openness, exchange and growth: Our children and we need them”

Ramiro Murguia, the founder of Latinomics, an organisation which works on global projects on Social Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship, is convinced, by dissolving borders we are creating mobility.

We need to find an understanding that we live in one single world. After we overcome personal borders, we can also dissolve political, regional and cultural borders.

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Alma Gall

Alma Gall


“Laughter Yoga”

Science proved that the body can´t distinguish between real and fake laughter. With her laughter yoga, Alma shows how to receive the physiological and psychological benefits of laughter.

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Lukas Beck

Lukas Beck

 “kendama – an alternative to phone addiction”

The 18 year old is one of the founders of Greendama, a Kendama Brand. Kendama is an alternative to doing nothing else than watching videos on phones or playing computer games on phones. This way Greendama also contributes dealing with the ongoing media surpressing madness.

Kendama at YouTube

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Thomas Andreas Beck



 “Music Performance”

Thomas Andreas Beck is an Austrian Singer-/Songwriter who found his way back to music some years ago.

Vera Kondratiuk

Vera Kondratiuk_BaKuWi_Philosophie und BWL_2. Semester



 “Culinary Experience”

The passion for food and cooking has a great place in Veras life. The blogger and kitchen artist will share some of her experiences, recipes and culinary creations.