Event Host

DREAM ACADEMIA is proud to host TEDxPannonia. But what is DREAM ACADEMIA? Well, it is the first “center for dream development”.

What we do? We created a platform. We believe that every human being on this planet has got at least one dream. In most cases, those dreams aren’t even spoken out, because parents, teachers and other institutions made us believe that our dreams are not there to become true.

We think different. What would it be like, living in a society where majority of people are doing exactly what they like most and are best in? Wouldn’t that be a society we wanted to live in? In our case studies we found out, that most of the dreams out there are not that hard to fulfill. It’s just a thing of what people have the heart to do.

So we decided to start initiatives that inspire people to reflect their dreams and in the next step show them how to get it done. TEDxPannonia is one of these.

your dream works.