TEDx Pannonia 2013

David John Willis – “From Virtual to Reality, the D-Dalus Project”


Tom Beck – “The power of tattoos”

Ira Mollay – “Here and wow – the age of solutions”

Andreas Lackner – “Fairtransport, sailing into the future“

Raja Oellinger-Guptara – “The butterfly effect on dreams”

Melanie Dewberry Jones – “Languaging concsiousness”

Lukas Bürger – “New design approaches”

Romy Sigl – “Future of work – do more of what makes you happy”

Christian Eggenberger – “How to become a fearless warrior”

Roman Padiwy – “A search engine for human potential”

Réka Artner – „Share your problem – change your life”

Hanna Spegel – “Cyber-utopia vs. cyber-dystopia: Why we need to overcome digital dualism”