Talks TEDxPannonia 2011

Prof. Franz Hörmann – “Society 2.0 – Entering a World Without Money”

Thomas Seifert – “Chindia: Educate. Innovate. Evolve.”

Oona Strathern – “Dreams of the future”

Clemens Guptara – “Empowering and realizing your dreams”

Jubin Honarfar – “Be the change you want to see in the world “

Philips Nwokocha – “Happiness”

Istvan Joos – “It´s good to fail”

Bernd Bodiselitsch – “The memory of isotopes”

Judymay Murphy – “How To Override The Overload: Busting Through Life’s Bloggage”

Ewald Hiebl – “Forward to the Human Scale. The ideas of Leopold Kohr (1909-1994) for the 21st century”

Franz Nahrada – “Monasteries of the Future”

Gabor Karsai – „The Coalescence of Tongues of Flame: a Vision that Guides Past, Present and Future”

Rentaro Shima & Yurika Shima

Yure Revich