Talks TEDxPannonia 2010

This was TEDxPannonia 2010. Take a look at these amazing talks!

Wolf Sator on "Intelligent Mobility"

Wolfgang Sator might be called the electric-car pioneer in Austria. For almost 50 years he is dealing with all facets of e-mobility. Wolf Sator lives in Vienna. His frst electric car production in China is nearing completion. He lives with an electric car since 2002. He knows the limits of this kind of mobility like no one else does; to him it requires a rethinking on the part of costumers.

Matthias Horx – "The Future Evolution House"

Matthias Horx, and his family, live in the “Future Evolution House” since 2010. This puts ideas and fndings from future research into living architecture around. He is considered the most infuen- tial trend and future researcher in Germany.

After a career as a journalist, he founded the "Future Institute at the millennium, which now advises numerous companies and institutions. Matthias Horx commutes between Frankfurt, London and Vienna and is author of several bestsellers.

Achim Rögener on "Design Dreaming"

Achim Rögener is trying to visualize how design affects sustainable thinking and acting, and moreover provide value and entertainment. After his studies interior design in the Netherlands Achim worked 15 years for various web companies and freelance as user experience consultant.

Following his interest and initial offset he joined Dominic Schindler Creations in 2010, here he is looking for new ways to combine his www experience with Dominic Schindler Creations’ product and interface design knowledge.

Sascha Mundstein on "The Power of Linking human Potential"

Sascha Mundstein will explain in his talk, why linking human potential is the model of the future for our planet. Sascha Mundstein studied in Italy, China, USA and Austria, lives and works in Austria as a linguist, developer, financial expert and strategy consultant.
Since 15 years he concentrates on business models of the future and is known as a lateral thinker in internet development.

Christopher Kahler on "The Future of free, digital Information"

The vast majority of free information and services on the Web, everything from Google to Facebook is financed through advertising. This approach has not changed since the beginning of the mass media. His lecture deals with thoughts on this fundamental change in the way we think about freedom of information.

Chistopher Kahler was born in the Philippines, lived in Australia, Bangladesh and the Middle East and is now based in Austria. After an engineering study in the US, he earned a degree in biomechanics at the University of Vienna and founded his frst company in Shanghai. Christopher is busy with building his second company by now.

Tamás Locher on "A fundamental Change of Fashion Industry"

In his lecture, Tamás Locher explains the fashion industry and points out alternatives to traditional business models in this industry. Tamás Locher is co-founder of This internet platform represents a fundamental change in the fashion industry.

Designers can create their own fashion labels on, where they focus on the design – the platform takes over the management of it.

Peter Purgathofer on "The Radical Portfolio"

The research paper "The Radical Portfolio” describes a new pedagogical approach in which students are animated to more effcient and more meaningful learning.

Peter Purgathofer is ao.univ.- prof. at the Institute of Design and Effciency Research at TU Vienna. In early 2005 he qualifed in the feld of "Interactive Systems” under the title "History, Theory and Practice of the Methods of Design”. Since 2006 he is the Austrian Representative of the IFIP TC14, the Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing.

Mark A. M. Kramer on "The Right of accessible Knowledge"

Mark A. M. Kramer talks about the right to freedom of information. He points to solutions that can help underdeveloped regions to get access to information, despite a lack of Internet access.

Mark A. M. Kramer teaches at the university of applied sciences in Hagenberg and is part of the company"Yassuuu", which develops services for free access to information. It deals with the connections of mobile technologies and their impact on society. He is also co-founder of “Mobile Monday”.

Lisa Muhr on "Dignity in Economy – Dream or Realitiy?"

„Thanks, I’m fine!“ Lisa Muhr dreams of making this theme of her topic available to many people and to encourage decisionmakers in the industry to rethink. Lisa Muhr, one of the four co-founders of the frst Austrian eco fashion label "Göttin des Glücks" would like to help transforming the throw-away society of today in a conscious, values-oriented society of tomorrow.

Martin Wesian on "Water is Life"

Martin Wesian describes how "SODIS” (Solar Water Disinfection) already helped generate clean drinking water for several million people in developing countries, especially Africa, and parts of Latin America and Asia. He describes how "SODIS” (Solar Water Disinfec- tion) already helped generate clean drinking water for several million people in developing countries, especially Africa, and parts of Latin America and Asia.

Claus Schnetzer on "Project Palettehouse"

Claus Schnetzer shows how to create effcient and cost effective sustainable, adaptable housing for many people on the planet. He is an ongoing architect and assistant profess- or at the Technical University of Vienna.
The project "Palettenhaus", developed in collaboration with Gregor Pils, was exhibited in 2007 at the Architectural Bien- nale in Venice.

Albert Frantz on "Finding our hidden Dreams"

Albert Frantz’s talk deals with the search and fnding of hidden talents and dreams, and the things it takes to make this come true. Out of nowhere, Albert Frantz discovered at the age of 17 his love of playing the piano and for classical music.

After winning several piano competitions, he became the first pianist in nearly a decade to be awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study in Vienna.

Entertainment: Chaos Drums

Chaos Drums is a percussion band from Burgenland, Austria. They were participants at “Germany’s next supertalent” and created an unforgetable final of TEDxPannonia2010. Be inspired by their rhythms!