TEDxPannonia 2011

Don´t miss the following inspiring speakers, pre-recorded TED talks and fascinating side events at TEDxPannonia 2011

Prof. Franz Hörmann

Prof. Franz Hörmann TEDxPannonia

“Society 2.0 – Entering a World Without Money”

Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the department for Business
Taxation and Tax Planning, of the Department for Accounting
at the University

of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna.

Works on further development of the semantical accounting theory, an approach
studying accounting information systems from a linguistic perspective (the main proponents being Yuji Ijiri, Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui).

The results of those researches should lead towards more usable accounting information systems in the future, resulting in knowledge management in the fields of accounting and semantic business modelling using predicate logic. Development of network-based cooperative software tools for “Economy 2.0”.


Bernd Bodiselitsch

Bernd Bodiselitsch TEDxPannonia

“The memory of isotopes”

Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry, focus on radioactive and stable isotope chemistry, University of Vienna.
Master Degree in environmental system sciences with the subject focus in chemistry, specializing in organic analysis and plant physiology, University of Graz.

Master Degree in space sciences main track Space physics, spezializing in isotope chemistry of Mars, University of Graz and University of Technology of Graz.
More than 20 years experience in inorganic, organic analytical chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry.

Right now Bernd is working on his own project ” Isotope Analytic Biochem GmbH – Austria´ first privately run lab for stable isotope analysis.
Philosophy of life: Think and plan independently of traditional methods for a better future

Oona Strathern

Oona Strathern TEDxPannonia

“Dreams of the future”

Oona Strathern works as a writer and consultant for Europe’s leading future and trend consultants the Zukunftsinstitut. She was born in Dublin, grew up in London and currently lives in the Future Evolution House in Vienna with her futurist husband and her two sons whose dreams of the future include `sweets growing on trees’ and homework writing machines’.


Thomas Seifert


Chindia: Educate. Innovate. Evolve.
“Eastern Dreams: How Education and Innovation are driving Asias development and the lessons for Europe”

Thomas Seifert is an international correspondent with the Austrian daily newspaper „Die Presse“.

His reporting includes the Balcans, the Russian Federation (he reported the war in Chechnya in
1999 and 2000 from Grosny both from the Russian and the Chechen perspective) Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He has filed stories from New York in the aftermath of 9-11 and crossed the border to Afghanistan on 10-11 where he reported the fall of the Taliban from Kabul. Seifert reported the war in Iraq from Baghdad in March/April 1999 and celebrated his 35th Birthday on April 9, 2003 on Firdous Square, as Saddam Husseins statue fell. He went back to Iraq and Afghanistan several times.

His book „Schwarzbuch Öl“ („The Black Book on Oil“), which he co-authored together with Klaus
Werner came out in 2005. It was a bestseller and was translated into Arabic, Italian, Dutch and
Spanish. For this book, he did research in Iraq, Iran, U.A.E., Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia.
He has since broadened his focus to Asia (China, India, and the Korean Paninsula) and is currently
working on a book project on the Pacific Era and the implications of the rise of Asia for the
European Union and the world.

Clemens Guptara


“Empowering and realizing your dreams”

Clemens Guptara (born October 1995) is a young speaker, writer, columnist and commentator on a wide range of topics to do with globalisation,global development and other social, political and economic issues.

He is a living example of youth leadership and likes to challenge and encourage other youngsters to live up to their potential. Clemens has been invited to numerous countries to give speeches, including an address to the United Nations in New York in 2010.

He is a member of the World Youth Parliament. He has written for, among other publications, Der Standard and the “Austrian Parliamentary Correspondence” News Agency.

Previously, between the age of nine and thirteen, Clemens Guptara was a member of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Receiving a special award for extraordinary academic performance, Clemens Guptara graduated from the Vienna Boys Choir in 2009, having toured over 35 nations.
He is also the youngest member of Sandbox, an exclusive global community of young achievers below the age of 30.


Philips Nwokocha

Philips Nwokocha TEDxPannonia


Philips Nwokocha is a Nigerian by birth and has lived in Austria for the past seven years. As an asylum seeker, he was prohibited from working and resorted to becoming a street vendor for the Augustin newspaper.

In his words, “when the preferable is not available, the available becomes the preferable.” He soon developed a reputation as a happiness expert and consultant. This experience led him to write books on the winner’s mentality and parent-child relationships, and one on happiness which he was invited to present at Vienna’s City Hall.

Today, Philips is happily married with a young son and is studying information technology at the Höhere Technische Lehranstalt Ottakring in Vienna.
“I love meeting people because human relationships are something I cherish the most in life. Making others happy is the truest source of happiness!”

Judymay Murphy

Judymay Murphy

“How To Override The Overload: Busting Through Life’s Bloggage”

Judymay Murphy is an international success coach, speaker and author. She appears regularly on numerous television stations worldwide including BBC and Sky News (UK), ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, Fox and WB (USA) as a guest on many shows such as Fox News, Sonoran Living and Good Morning Texas.

She’s had ongoing TV-slots of her own on ICE (RTE Television) as an agony aunt for two seasons, and on Ireland AM as a life coach (TV3) every week for six months. On radio she is a regular on BBC London, RTE in Ireland, and Lite FM in New York as well as having been interviewed on over 500 stations over the past ten years.

She has been interviewed for and written for publications including Huffington Post, New Woman and Quick and Simple (USA), and The Guardian, The Times, In Style, Cosmopolitan and GQ (UK).


Gabor Karsai

„The Coalescence of Tongues of Flame: a Vision that Guides Past, Present and Future”

Gábor Karsai is a philosopher, former rector and teacher of the Buddhist College in Budapest. Gábor was CEO of KOGART Holding Plc until its merger, becoming Deputy CEO of Bankár Holding Plc, the management group behind the wide ranging business interests of businessman Gábor Kovács, ranging from healthcare to art. Gábor is now the director of the onetime Pauline-Carmelite Monastery at Sopronbánfalva, currently functioning as an international education, retreat and meditation centre. In 2010 he initiated a worldwide organization in Geneva, World Servers Foundation (WSF) that he is the Co-Director of. Gábor describes all his former and current endeavours as permeated by promoting cultural transformation and spiritual-mental development in society.


Ewald Hiebl


Forward to the Human Scale. The ideas of Leopold Kohr (1909-1994) for the 21st century

Born on Feb 3rd 1968 in Linz (Austria), 1986-1991 studying History and German Language in Salzburg, 1997 PhD in History (Austrian History), 1991 –1995 teaching in school and adult education, since 1993 working on several scientific projects in Austria and Europe, since 1994 working as journalist for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (radio), since 1997 assistant/assistant professor at the Department of History/University of Salzburg (Austrian History); since 1999 working on the legacy of Leopold Kohr, since 2007 Head of the Leopold-Kohr-Archive (University of Salzburg); major fields of research: Austrian history, regional and local history (19th and 20th century), Leopold Kohr, Media history, Civic education, New social movements.


Franz Nahrada


“Monasteries of the future”

Born in 1954, is hotel manager, sociologist, networke and futurist in Vienna. His main project since more than 20 years is to study the potential of communication technologies to foster new life opportunities in rural areas and reverse the trend to mega – urbanisation.

With blessings from the late Corinne McLuhan, he uses the term “Global Villages” (in Plural ) to describe a new form of settlement that seeks to take the best out of city and village and combine it to a dense “living plant” or organism living within nature.
On the practical side he facilitaded conferences and events like “Global Village” in the Vienna City Hall in 1995-2000, CULTH (on the incredible potential of digitising cultural heritage),the NGO internet Fiesta, Oekonux Conference Vienna and others.

He also seeked to transfer new and fresh social activist perspectives into Austria like the New Work movement of Frithjof Bergmann, the Transition Movement and many others. On the theoretical side, the search for an integral theory building that supports social change and participation eventually led to a deeper relation with the pattern theory of Christopher Alexander.

Istvan Joos

Istvan Joos TEDxPannonia

“It´s good to fail”

Initiator, strategist and motivator – connector, involver and communicator with a long record of innovative ideas and unique
“outside of the box” approaches.

Founder of Szivesseg Közöesseg, coming from the simple idea of sharing free goods hearted favours.
It grew into a nationwide portal with many individual branches and own roots.


Jubin Honarfar

Jubin Honarfar TEDxPannonia

“Be the change you want to see in the world “

Jubin Honarfar, 28 years old, Co-Founder of whatchado, studies Marketing at the Vienna University of economics and business. He volunteered for two years at the United Nations and was running a summer camp for kids.

Later he was contracted by the U.S. State Department to work as an interpreter and security officer for a refugee resettlement program, based in Vienna. Social Responsibilty has always been a key element in his life. His motto: Be the change you want to see in the world.


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TEDxPannonia Ambassadors

Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain TEDxPannonia Ambassador


Ankur Jain is a Director of Product Management at WalmartLabs, working on projects impacting billions of dollars for Walmart. Prior to this, he was an early employee of a Silicon Valley startup – Kosmix,com which was acquired by Walmart for $300 million. He has studied and done research at some of the leading universities in the world such as Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Delhi Institute of Technology.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is an opportunity to connect Europe to Silicon Valley. It is a conference where people can share and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It provides a platform to get inspired by the people who want to make an impact on the world!

Tim Cox

Tim Cox TEDxPannonia Ambassador


Tim Cox is a Senior Partner with OPERA consulting group a Management Consulting company since 1991 active in both Eastern and Western Europe providing interim management, executive coaching, management consulting and intercultural consulting services. In this role he has spearheaded a number of start-ups for leading multinationals incl. Pepsi Cola Inc. Tim also co-founded the Saints-Club Executive Investment group in 2001 based in Vienna focused on seed and first round investments.

He holds a masters Engineering degree from the NSW Institute of Technology in Sydney Australia. Tim’s base is near Vienna Austria where he lives in an old farmhouse with his wife and three of his five children.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is for me an opportunity to get into contact with thinkers, people who in business or in private life think outside the box. To spend a day seeing new perspectives, being a sounding board, playing the devils advocate is a clear win-win scenario for all present.

Abdullah Cam

Abdullah Cam TEDxPannonia Ambassador


After his apprenticeship as a carpenter he made his diploma as a industrial designer. Before his diploma he worked also in different fields, such as product and interior design and architecture, with customers like HILTI and BMW. He expanded his working areas in the last years with exhibition and business design and working on mobile solutions for the future of architecture.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is a wonderful medium to get in contact with people from all over the world with a lot of different backgrounds, like ethnicity, culture, knowledge, jobs and status, but they all have something in common: They want to change the world, the society, the attitude of the people in the world and especially the people that are close to them. Because change begins first in the near, “inside” the people who are close to you, like at the TEDxPannonia.