TEDxPannonia 2013

“Dream On”, that’s the topic of TEDxPannonia 2013 . We work on a line-up of speakers that will present you their projects, approaches and dreams to make sure you leave inspired.


David John Wills



“From Virtual to Reality – The D-Dalus Project”

David John Wills is the CEO of 1AT21, an innovative aircraft technology company based in Linz, Austria. 1AT21 got international media attention from prestigious “Wall Street Journal” to “Discovery Channel” when they presented their concept “D-Dalus” for the first time at Paris Air Show in 2012.

D-Dalus is a completely new airial vehicle and may be one of the most innovative aerial vehicles of our time. D-Dalus combines the advantages of helicopters with those of fixed wing aircrafts, stays stabile in the air, rotates about all three axis at 360 degree, has the ability to land on moving platforms like boats in rough sea thanks three dimensional synchronization and glue down by reversed thrust. In forward flight, D-Dalus needs 30 to 60 % less power compared to helicopters because vertical thrust is created by its high lift and low drag wing body design.

At TEDxPannonia, David will present the project, the reasons their concept raised world-wide excitement and explain the potential of eventually allowing mankind to fulfill its dream of leaving the ground and live and work in air-space as naturally as we live on the ground today.


Hanna Spegel


“Cyber-Utopia vs. Cyber-Dystopia: Why We Need To Overcome Digital Dualism”

Hanna Spegel is a consultant, trainer and writer from Vienna with focus on digital ecosystems and science communication. She founded her first non-profit start-up at the age of 16 and continued to work on a wide range of both commercial and non-profit oriented projects, including marketing & event management at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).

After gaining a variety of experiences in PR & marketing, she specialized in online communication – receiving the “Rookie of the Year” award from the Internet Advertising Bureau in 2010. Since then, she delivered a variety of lectures on digital communication, e.g. at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), and started studying corporate communication with focus on ICT.


Tom Beck



“The power of tattoos”

Father of two sons, trained as a mechanical engineer, manager and coach.

In employment he worked as a technician, machinery salesman, marketing and sales manager.

Since 1999, self-employed as Crisis and Restructuring Manager. Consultant and coach for crisis management, strategy and organizational development, team building, mergers and generational change. Founder of the company tombeck GmbH, Rubble Master Sales & Marketing GmbH, the cooperative “Utopian realization” and the initiative “economy of joy.” Since 2011 as songwriter “tombeck” active again on the stage.


Ira Mollay



“Here and wow – The age of solutions”

Ira Mollay is the founder of “Die Mutmacherei – inspire4change” and passionate about disseminating and showcasing stories of change as well as positive examples of our transition into a more sustainable, fair and equitable society.

A graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, her professional track record includes investment banking and corporate finance, executive director of Greenpeace Austria, lecturer at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences, book author, and personal coach.

Her current activities, apart from Die Mutmacherei, include working as a business consultant for SMEs, and supporting projects and initiatives of change and solution-orientation.


Andreas Lackner



“Fairtransport, sailing into the future”

Adventurer with green vision meets in the year 2000 the 2 missing links for a strong triangle, Tres Hombres: the thinker Jorne, the dreamer Arjen and the doer Andreas. Result was the building of the 21 century transport revolution: Tres Hombres, the first ship of Fairtransport


Raja Oellinger-Guptara


“The Butterfly Effect on Dreams”

Raja Oellinger-Guptara is a change maker creating and supporting sustainability projects. His aim is to develop strategies for combining the uniqueness of the past with the needs of the future and to Convey the necessity to distinguish between what‘s important and what‘s essential. „We have the Power to change any Moment at Anytime“

He is involved in many tourist projects like Geinberg Suites, ViaNova Center and Bäckenbergerhof. Raja studied around the world, from New Dehli to Miami. He is the founder and investor in Kingscurry AG, currently the single largest chain of Indian restaurants in Continental Europe.


Melanie DewBerry-Jones



Languaging Consciousness

Melanie is a wordologist; she believes in the power of words to expand consciousness.  A multi-certified coach supporting trouble making entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs on the cusp of transformation — those with the courage to venture out into the unknown and lay claim to their soul purpose. Melanie co-founded  Choice magazine, is a professional speaker and Soul Brander. The Soul Owner of Verbal Swagger Melanie’s plan is to challenge you to take the pilgrimage of the soul with language.


Lukas Bürger

“New Design Approaches”

Lukas Bürger is an industrial designer with a Master of Arts and Design from Kingston University, London.

In his talk he will give a future insight on how new technologies will change the design process significantly.



Romy Sigl


“Future Of Work – Do More Of What Makes You Happy”

Freedom and the intent to change what does not feel comfortable, describes Romy best. A positive and long lasting impact on how people spend their time working is what she wants to achieve.

Do more of what makes you happy. Since a matter of fact people have to work nearly their lifetime. May be it’s a good and sustainable idea NOT disliking your job, disliking your life as a result, getting ill and dying at the end of a unfulfilled life, that’s what Romy thought 2 years ago. Focusing on that she quit her job in an international design agency and started working on her coworkingspace concept. After one year of development and lots of people not believing in a positive impact of coworking, she finally managed to find the first coworkers, the perfect space and to open the doors. Why she did not give up; “I was absolutely sure that CoWorking is what our society needs. If you do just once, what nobody trusts you to do you´ll never have to mind their boundaries again.


Christian Eggenberger


„How to become a fearless warrior“

Christian Eggenberger is a graphic artist, web developer and award-winning creative mind born in Vienna. Next to photographing, his passion is to work out unusual ideas and new business solutions.

Besides giving support to music and art projects as an adviser and media expert, the never resting entrepreneur is also not afraid of accepting new challenges like developing a travel guide for abnormal landmarks around the world or creating an open-source intranet for smaller companies.


Roman Padiwy


„A search engine for human potential”

Roman Padiwy is the founder of “Crealiity”, the first search engine for human potential.

In 1999, long before Youtube, he founded an online video platform and has since then worked on visions that use the internet to change the world for the better.


Réka Artner


“Share your problem – Change your life”

Réka Artner is a psychology student passionate about the way people live their lives and is working towards enabling them to have a more fulfilled experience.
Currently she is involved in many activities around social entrepreneurship, works in the TEDxVienna Team and the HUB and is inspired by new ideas, concepts and initiatives.
She believes that in order to be successful and happy in the long run, people need to work together and interact as a community rather than lonely individuals.

She is the founder of popthecorn and with her new concept ‘share your problem – change your life’ she is aiming to change the way people deal with their problems. Instead of looking at problems as something negative, they should share their problems with a huge online community receiving instead comments and replies.
Problems are an opportunity to create something new together! 


Lara Scenczy


“Song Performance”

12 year old local hero Lara was a semi-finalist at Austria’s casting show “Die Große Chance” and is blessed with an amazing voice. She dreams of a career as a singer and will perform a song live on the TEDxPannonia stage.

Tom Beck


“Song Performance”

Tom Beck is an Austrian Singer-/Songwriter who found his way back to music some years ago.



TEDxPannonia 2013 SIDE EVENTS

Barbara Süss


“Introduction into Yoga and Medidation”

A brave, traveling dreamer. Nature of an artist. Photographer. Writer and Seeker. Constant Work in Progress. Creative. Idealist. Woman. Mother….
Barbara startet to drift in and out of Yoga since the pregnancy of her son David in the year 2001 but it wasn’t till 2007 that she took her first ashtanga yoga class in Goa, India, and was exposed to the therapeutic effects by this system. A journey that changed her entire life and made her coming back every following year to visit her teachers.
Since 2011 she travels regulary to Mysore, India, to study at the KPJAYI with R.Sharath Jois, also attentet his workshops in London 2011 and New York 2012.
After 18 years of working as a flight attendant she became so inspired by Yoga that in summer 2012 she decided to leave her flight attendant career behind, to follow her heart and share Yoga and Photography. During the summer month 2012 she completed the one month long intensive teacher training with Richard Freeman in Boulder/CO/USA.



“Extreme Performance”

Dario Kopic (17) and Markus Pröglhöf (18) are Austrian uni-cyclists who had several successes at different international competitions. They are dreaming of getting world champions in flat and downhill.
At TEDxPannonia they will show that uni-cyclists are not clowns.


Laber´s LAB


“We want to help expose the creative potential of the people, by reducing the barriers to the practical implementation of ideas.”

Laber´s LAB was founded by Manuel Laber, who wants to show a new perspective of science and is going to improve technical solutions with new points of view. In the Arduino workshops interested people can learn about the multiple uses of science knowledge and how to use several technical devices in more or less uncommon ways.




Ernesto Sirolli

Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

Cameron Russell

Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

Don Tapscott

Four principles for the open world


Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain TEDxPannonia Ambassador


Ankur Jain is a Director of Product Management at WalmartLabs, working on projects impacting billions of dollars for Walmart. Prior to this, he was an early employee of a Silicon Valley startup – Kosmix,com which was acquired by Walmart for $300 million. He has studied and done research at some of the leading universities in the world such as Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Delhi Institute of Technology.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is an opportunity to connect Europe to Silicon Valley. It is a conference where people can share and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It provides a platform to get inspired by the people who want to make an impact on the world!

Tim Cox

Tim Cox TEDxPannonia Ambassador


Tim Cox is a Senior Partner with OPERA consulting group a Management Consulting company since 1991 active in both Eastern and Western Europe providing interim management, executive coaching, management consulting and intercultural consulting services. In this role he has spearheaded a number of start-ups for leading multinationals incl. Pepsi Cola Inc. Tim also co-founded the Saints-Club Executive Investment group in 2001 based in Vienna focused on seed and first round investments.

He holds a masters Engineering degree from the NSW Institute of Technology in Sydney Australia. Tim’s base is near Vienna Austria where he lives in an old farmhouse with his wife and three of his five children.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is for me an opportunity to get into contact with thinkers, people who in business or in private life think outside the box. To spend a day seeing new perspectives, being a sounding board, playing the devils advocate is a clear win-win scenario for all present.

Abdullah Cam

Abdullah Cam TEDxPannonia Ambassador


After his apprenticeship as a carpenter he made his diploma as a industrial designer. Before his diploma he worked also in different fields, such as product and interior design and architecture, with customers like HILTI and BMW. He expanded his working areas in the last years with exhibition and business design and working on mobile solutions for the future of architecture.

What is TEDxPannonia for you?

TEDxPannonia is a wonderful medium to get in contact with people from all over the world with a lot of different backgrounds, like ethnicity, culture, knowledge, jobs and status, but they all have something in common: They want to change the world, the society, the attitude of the people in the world and especially the people that are close to them. Because change begins first in the near, “inside” the people who are close to you, like at the TEDxPannonia.