TEDxPannonia WOMEN

Session 1

6:15pm – 7:00pm

Monika Müksch

TEDxPannonia Women Monika Mueksch

„The shortest way between two people is a smile“

Based on years of experience in training, working with people, founding and leading laughter yoga clubs, the dream is to make Laughing much more popular. It starts to be settled in enterprises, health organizations, winning even health care prices and the awareness of people. This talk is an invitation to everybody – let´s start with a smile!

Monika studied sports and nutritional science before she was working as a sports-coach. National as well as international, she is working as an actress and singer. Besides her career as an international ice-skating champion, a cabaret artist and an economic coach, the Laughter Yoga trainer sees her “mission” in the distribution and amplification of Laughing and Humor around the world.


Ulrike Sabitzer

TEDxPannonia Ulrike Sabitzer

„Nature Spirits in Human Society“

Ulrike will do a short talk about her Art Exhibition „Fairies and Technologies“. Her artworks will be presented at TEDxPannonia Women.

From the age of 13, Ulrike started to study topics from C.G.Jung and Metaphysiks. With the age of 24 she began to study balancing techniques of ancient cultures like Feng Shui, Symbolism, Huna, etc. and graduated after a 4-year-Training as a Crystal Healer, from the International College of Crystal Healing in Esher, England.

Ulrike is working on a website, called “FairiesInc.”, where her elf-friends will send coaching-programs
via sms to people.

Angie Rattay

TEDxPannonia Angie Rattay

„Planet Earth – Directions for Use“

Angie Rattay’s award-winning project inspires us to change our way of thinking, to do good, to re-design our habitat and to feel good about doing it because we are doing it for ourselves and not for anyone else. Every decision we make, every second of our life has an effect and is worth thinking about!

Angie Rattay, the young Austrian graphic designer, who in her short career has won numerous accolades and awards and worked for the New York-based Sagmeister Inc., began her eco-social project Planet Earth - Direcions for Use in 2007, and has since achieved considerable media attention.


Vanessa Gross

TEDxPannonia Vanessa Gross

„Entertainment Session“

Vanessa started her career as a musician with the age of 5. She is a highly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, was in the finals of several singing contests and was the winner of „sing and win“, an Austrian singing contest for youngsters.

At TEDxPannonia Women she will present her skills live to the auditorium.


Session 2

7:15pm – 8:15pm

Nicole Trimmel

TEDxPannonia Nicole Trimmel

„Motivations of a World Champion“

Nicole Trimmel is a five time World Champion, European Champion and Austrian Champion in Kickboxing. Born in 1982 in Vienna, she found her way into the sport in 1999 and joined Austria’s National Kickboxing Team in 2002. She is head of the kids project “Urfit” – a sports initiative for children concerning effective work-out session.


Martina Schmit

Martina Schmit TEDxPannonia

„Innovations from the organic farm“

Martina grew up on a farm in Zagersdorf, Burgenland. Short after her first daughter was born, her parents, died on cancer. At this moment she had to make a decision. And she made one.

More and more farms around her were closed. In this time, Martina expanded from 16ha to 160ha of fields. Today she is known for her innovative products, her passion for organic farming is growing ever since.

Selma Prodanovic


„Business-Angelina turning the business world upside down“

In ten years Women will possess 55% of the world’s wealth. Today in the UK only 5% of business angels are female. What difference can a female buiness angel make?

Selma Prodanovic is an awarded entrepreneur and philanthropist, known as the discoverer and connector of business potential. Convinced that everyone can make a positive difference in this world, she founded Brainswork – the most influential business developer in the regions, initiated IncrediblEurope – the first bottom up value-changer in and for Europe and established the „Brainswork – Make a difference“-Awards. She is married to her first love and proud mother of two.


Session 3

Opening Session “Overture” of TED Women, Washington D.C., 8:30pm – 10:15pm

Hanna Rosin


Journalist Hanna Rosin isn’t afraid to shine a skeptical spotlight on people’s cherished ideals, whether it’s politically correct dogma or the conservative Christian agenda.

Ted Turner


Ted Turner is a media entrepreneur and philanthropist You may know him as the guy who started CNN. But Ted Turner, who once gave $1 billion to the UN, also ranks among the world’s most influential philanthropists.

Halla Tomasdottir


Halla Tomasdottir, change agent and co-founder of Audur Capital financial services, has been instrumental in rebuilding Iceland’s economy since its collapse in 2008. Her passion is releasing the incredible economic potential of women’s ways of doing business.

Hans Rosling


Hans Rosling is a global health expert and a data visionary As a doctor and researcher, Hans Rosling identified a new paralytic disease induced by hunger in rural Africa. Now he looks at the bigger picture of social and economic development with his remarkable trend-revealing software.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is president of Liberia (and the first modern, and currently the only elected, female head of state in Africa). The Economist called her “the best president the country has ever had.”

Elizabeth Lindsey


Elizabeth Lindsey is an explorer and ethnographer. She is a fellow of the National Geographic Society. Her mission: to keep ancestral voices alive by recording indigenous wisdom and traditions.

Liza Donnelly


New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly tackles global issues with humor, intelligence and sarcasm. Her latest project supports the United Nations initiative Cartooning For Peace.